St Helena, South Atlantic Ocean

The most extraordinary place on earth.....

After two years on St Helena Andy held a one man show in the National Museum of St Helena. he is shown here (r) along with three Captains of the RMS St Helena. The ship and its predecessors have provided an umbilical cord to the Island, but the much loved service will cease when an airport opens on the Island in the next few years. Andy was commissioned by the Arts and Crafts Association of St Helena to produce a painting to mark the occasion and as a token of appreciation for the service of 'the RMS'.

Signed, limited edition First Day Cover

The exhibition resulted in the St Helena Government publishing four of the paintings as postage stamps as well as a First Day Cover.

50 of the limited edition have been given out as gifts while another 50 are available as framed signed, postdated and numbered editions.


This view of Main Street, Jamestown is to be sold by Grosvenor Auctioneers of The Strand, London on March 17th 2016 with all proceeds going towards good causes on St Helena. 



This stamp original shows a typical Main Street house, with corrugated iron roof and balcony and the rugged volcanic backdrop of Jamestown.  

Essex House, Jamestown

 Andy's workplace for two and a half years, graced by the red and white stripes of Southampton Football Club. Well, not really SFC but it makes you feel at home. And given that St Helenians call themselves 'Saints' those stripes make sense.

RMS at Anchor (2013)

The cliffs of the Island dive steeply into the South Atlantic  and so ships must moor half a mile out. In choppy seas this means that it can be a hairy transfer on a flat bottomed boat to the harbour. Cruise liner passengers get barely any time to experience the wonders of the Island and then can be held up by choppy seas. While the airport will mean the sad end of the RMS, it will open up the Island to tourism.

A Celebration of the RMS St Helena (2014)

See above - produced for the St Helena Arts and Crafts Association to mark the service of the current RMS St Helena, the former RMS St Helena and the Southampton Castle to the Island. 

A Rare Landscape (2013)

What it says on the tin! 

Main Street, Jamestown (2012)

An early painting which didn't make it as a stamp

Tres Hombres (2017)

Jamestown's ancient 12 berth prison was looked after by the imposing Nicky, Martin and Mark. 

The Castle and Seafront, Jamestown

A private commission, a birthday present for one of many expats who have passed through the Island. For many including Andy it was the most memorable, enjoyable, surreal times of their lives.



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